New Airport in Mexico City

CTLGroup was retained by the client to perform NT Build 492 (Non- Steady State Chloride Migration (Diffusion Coefficient)) and ASTM C1556 (Chloride Diffusion Coefficient by Bulk Diffusion) on hardened concrete samples for the New International Airport in Mexico City (NAICM) foundation.

Various clients wanted to evaluate and qualify concrete mixtures to be used in the project by our laboratory and to compare different mixture proportions in order to meet the project specifications regarding chloride ingress in concrete and prevent reinforcement corrosion.

In addition, CTLGroup tested the water permeability resistance of concrete was evaluated in accordance with EN 12390-8 with modifications to increase pressure of 150 psi and test duration of 96 hours.


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The New International Airport for Mexico City is the largest public infrastructure work in Mexico in a century.


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