Modesto WTP Filter Basins

CTLGroup was retained by Western Summit Constructors to evaluate the cause of cracking in concrete filter basin walls. Objectives were to evaluate extent, significance, and potential causes of basin wall cracking, and develop appropriate measures to address these issues. Scope of work included review of documents, including construction drawings, specifications, concrete mix designs, and reports by others; field investigations including visual observations, nondestructive testing, coring, and sounding surveys; structural analysis; laboratory testing; and report preparation. Based on field observations and analysis, CTLGroup developed a plan to address conditions identified in the basins and enhance the structural integrity, serviceability, and durability of the structure.


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As part of a capital improvements program to meet the water needs of San Diego’s fast-growing population, this project allowed an increase WTP capacity from 140 to 215 millions of gallons per day and provided the facility with a 75-year design lifespan.


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