Lynn Hall at Purdue University

CTLGroup conducted an evaluation of the installed sealant, repointing, and masonry work was conducted on the Veterinary Medicine School at Purdue University. CTLGroup inspected openings in the sealant and removed portions of mortar to verify that proper grinding and substrate preparation techniques were employed during repointing. Samples were removed and evaluated. Based on CTLGroup’s evaluations, observations, and recommendations, the restoration contractor agreed to rework numerous locations throughout the building thus ending a long-standing dispute between the contractor, architect, and university without resorting to time consuming and costly litigation.


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Building Enclosure

Comprehensive Building Assessment

Chemical Admixtures

Coatings, Adhesives, and Sealants

Fatigue & Fracture

Structural Engineering + Evaluation

Repair, Restoration, Retrofit

Lynn Hall contains an active, working veterinary teaching hospital where patients undergo surgery, procedures, and medical treatment.


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