Lexington Pumping Station Reservoir

CTLGroup was retained by the Chicago Department of Water Management to perform a condition assessment of the Lexington Pumping Station Reservoir (LPSR). The LPSR is a partially buried reinforced concrete structure with a total capacity of approximately 30 million gallons. A condition assessment was performed to identify internal areas of the reservoir in need of structural repair. Concrete samples were removed from structural elements to assess the level of chloride content. Chloride contents in excess of recognized thresholds can promote corrosion of the embedded steel reinforcement. Repair details were developed to allow a Job Order Contract contractor to make minor repairs prior to returning the LPSR to service. Concrete repairs were performed at columns, walls, and the roof slab underside to address deterioration primarily resulting from corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement. Construction observations were performed during the repair implementation to verify conformance with the developed repair details.


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This project obtained a LEED Gold Certification in 2011.


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