Kinzie Facade & Garage Repairs

CTLGroup performed a condition assessment at the roof of the parking garage. The evaluation identified areas of minor floor slab concrete delaminations, widespread cracking on the floor slab topsides and undersides, failures of the expansion joint systems, and evidence of water leakage at the expansion joints. Deterioration of the masonry parapet walls, waterproofing membrane, sealant joints, and expansion joint were observed on the sundeck. CTLGroup performed a condition assessment of the multi-level parking garage structure and developed repair documents, and provided contract administration and construction observation services during the repair work.

CTLGroup also provided facade consulting services related to water infiltration at multiple units of the building. An exterior evaluation of the concrete facade and window frames was performed, which identified concrete cracks, deteriorated window perimeter sealant and window glazing, and clogged window weep holes. CTLGroup developed repairs to address water infiltration issues and concrete deterioration, and provided contract administration and construction observation services.


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Located on the Chicago River across from the East Bank Club, Kinzie Park Tower stands 34 stories tall and is nestled between Kinzie Street and Grand Avenue in Chicago. This six-and-a-half acre luxury community is located in the River North neighborhood and a short walk to the Loop.

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