Indianapolis Public Library

CTLGroup was retained by the client to provide litigation support for the distressed conditions of the subsurface parking structure as well as conduct a complete field investigation and provide subsequent recommendations for repair of the structure. CTLGroup engineers visited the site and condition assessment that included a visual inspection, notes, and photo documentation, as well as limited nondestructive testing. A suspicious beam was found during the initial walk-through and was immediately shored to prevent a possible collapse.

As part of the formal investigation, CTLGroup performed a review of construction documents, including structural drawings, structural specifications, shop drawings, and project documentation including RFI’s and RFI responses. CTLGroup also performed a design review and developed analytical models which incorporated information obtained from the field investigation to allow structural analyses of both as-designed and as-constructed conditions. The repairs of the parking structure needed to rectify strength deficiencies were developed and CTLGroup worked closely with the repair engineer to develop a consensus regarding the intended repair design.


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The Indianapolis public library circulates nearly 16 million items and attracts over four million visitors each year.


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