Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

The Illinois Tollway embarked on a 15-year, $12 billion “Move Illinois: Driving the Future” capital program. CTLGroup was engaged to provide advanced concrete testing, analysis, and expertise through two multiyear contracts, one with S.T.A.T.E. Testing, Inc. and a second with Applied Research Associates, Inc. CTLGroup assisted the Tollway by conducting concrete research, developing performance-based specifications, coordinating implementation of new concrete pavement and bridge technologies with the construction community, advancing sustainability of their pavement and bridge network, and being on-call to perform forensic investigations. CTLGroup has conducted the following projects:

  • Development of a next generation rapid setting and durable concrete for full-depth pavement repair
  • Development of performance-based specifications for 75-year service life bridge deck concrete
  • Forensic evaluation of cracked retaining wall
  • Service life estimation for new concrete mixtures
  • Evaluation of proprietary ultra high-performance concrete


Consulting Services

Concrete Mixture Development & Qualification

Durability & Service Life

Project Specification Review & Development

Forensic Engineering

Design, Construction, and Material Defects

Materials Science + Engineering

Laboratory Services

Concrete + Cement-Based Materials

Chemical Services

Durability & Service Life Testing


Physical Testing of Concrete + Mortar

Specialized Testing

More than 1,100 unique firms have taken part in the Move Illinois projects.


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