Grand Rapids WTP + WWTP

CTLGroup was retained to perform evaluation, testing and consulting services at multiple water and wastewater treatment plant structures for the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The structures evaluated included the Market Avenue Retention Basin and the Primary Effluent Retention Basin. Our evaluation services also included assessment of coatings and expansion joints at the Lake Michigan Filtration Plant filter basins and Franklin Street Reservoir, and condition assessment of primary and secondary clarifiers as well as effluent retention basins at the wastewater treatment plant.

We performed field inspections on the gallery floor areas and inlet structure to evaluate the extent of the cracking/leaking at the Market Avenue Retention Basin (MARB). CTLGroup also performed a petrographic analysis on concrete samples obtained at the MARB to evaluate the cause of cracking. Petrographic examination included air void and concrete mix analysis including a study of the cementitious binder. Based on our findings, CTLGroup prepared recommendations that included both temporary and permanent, long-term repairs for the City of Grand Rapids.


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The Grand Rapids Waste Water Treatment Plants treat 40 million gallons of waste water every day and serve a population of 280,000.


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