University of Illinois – Everitt Laboratory Cladding Investigation

CTLGroup was retained by Gorski Reifstek Architects as their cladding consultant to evaluate various proposed wall constructions of the Everitt Laboratory at the University of Illinois (U of I). The purpose of our evaluation was to identify areas of potential moisture accumulation within the walls that could occur due to the complicated proposed wall geometry coupled with the elevated humidity requirements of a veterinary school in central Illinois.

CTLGroup performed a hygrothermal analysis of the exterior cladding at typical proposed wall sections in an existing building to verify the potential movement of moisture and heat through the exterior walls that would result from proposed alterations to the walls and additional insulation. The project requirements included maintaining increased humidity levels in all vivarium spaces to help protect the health of all animals, and the addition of an impermeable interior finish required by all U of I laboratories.

CTLGroup provided specification sections for the masonry cladding work at Everitt Laboratory after conducting freeze thaw testing, efflorescence testing, compressive strength testing, and absorption and saturation testing of representative samples of the existing bricks as well as WUFI analysis of the proposed exterior wall construction.


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After undergoing an extensive, $55 million renovation, the Everitt Laboratory is the new home to the Bioengineering Department.

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