Evanston Water Utility Masonry Evaluation

The City of Evanston requested an evaluation of the existing masonry cladding of the locally designated landmark to obtain an understanding of the condition of the exterior masonry walls and estimate associated costs for repairs.

CTLGroup reviewed available drawings and previous repair documents related to the buildings, and performed a thorough field evaluation of all exterior masonry walls. Based on the condition assessment, CTLGroup prepared a detailed report of our findings, drawings showing areas of observed degradation, recommended repairs, and provided budgetary cost estimates for immediate, near-term, and future completion of repairs.

Since the facility is a locally designated landmark, all repairs are subject to advisory review by the City of Evanston Historic Preservation Commission. Exterior repairs to the masonry needed to match the existing aesthetics of the building including preserving the existing brick, mortar, stone, colors, textures, and tooling.


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Located on the shores of Lake Michigan - which is known as one of the world's most valuable origins of fresh surface water.


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