DeLaval Milking Rotary Platform

CTLGroup was retained by the client to perform a material analysis and structural optimization on different configurations of milking rotary platforms to help optimize the structural performance of the platforms without reducing the durability of them. The platforms consist of a reinforced concrete deck that is continuously exposed to organic acids, chlorine-based cleaning agents, and moisture.

CTLGroup reviewed project documents, construction specifications, and evaluated the expected platform concrete service life. Concrete samples fabricated from different regions were tested in order to evaluate concrete durability against reinforcement corrosion.

CTLGroup provided structural analyses and identified the load combinations that could lead to cracking of the reinforced concrete deck. Recommendations regarding the detailing of steel reinforcement accounting for the platform geometry, cutouts, and other geometric discontinuities were provided. Recommendations pertaining to the concrete materials to be used for the construction of the platforms were also provided with the aim of achieving the service life requirements.


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The DeLaval milking rotary platform is known for its high-efficiency system for milking cows.


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Project Detail Form