ComEd Parking Structures

CTLGroup performed an investigation of three ComEd precast concrete parking structures located in Oakbrook and Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. The objective was to assess the overall condition of the structures and provide recommendations for immediate remedial action and develop a management program to extend the useful service life.

CTLGroup documented visible distress including cracks, leaks, spalls, scaling, joint sealant deterioration and other adverse conditions. CTLGroup noted visible distress in columns, double tee and inverted tee beams, flange connectors, and other areas.

Nondestructive testing was completed to evaluate the thickness of concrete cover over reinforcement bars. Data was calibrated by drilling to measure actual concrete cover. Concrete powder samples were then extracted and tested for chloride ion content. The areas of distress were identified and noted to formulate an opinion of cost for repair and restoration. Additionally, the client was advised on safety-related conditions that required immediate attention.


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All three of ComEd's parking structures observed are constructed of pre-topped precast concrete framing.


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