City View Condominiums

CTLGroup has performed numerous facade inspections and repair projects at The City View Condominiums since 1999. Our work includes but is not limited to City of Chicago Critical Examination and On-Going Inspections, parking garage repairs, and water leakage repairs. The building facade is comprised of brick masonry walls, concrete balconies, and metal-framed windows with precast concrete sills.

Over recent years, CTLGroup performed numerous tasks related to water leakage, which included surveying affected units for interior damage, interviewed the residents affected by water infiltration, and interviewed the property manager and building engineer. The information gathered was used to develop work scopes, generate repair drawings, and provide cost estimates for building façade leakage repair projects. CTLGroup has continued to work closely with the Association, Owner, and selected contractor to implement and water test all CTLGroup-specified leakage repairs.


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Built in 1991, the City View Condominiums is a reinforced concrete building with brick veneer walls. It stands 12 floors tall and holds up to 20 residential units per floor.

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