Chaffee Hall

CTLGroup conducted site visits to investigate ongoing deterioration of the interior plaster finish on the exterior walls of Chaffee Hall at Purdue University to determine source(s) of the moisture infiltration associated with the noted distress.

Results indicated that there were little to no exterior sealant failures that would account for the interior moisture problems. However, digital data collection techniques revealed that the majority of the deterioration was associated with the intersection between the second floor slab and first floor HVAC soffit of the building’s Assembly Hall. Condensation accumulation due to warm and cold weather changes caused the condensation to form in the exterior walls causing deterioration on the interior walls of the building.

After identifying the gaps in the exterior cladding insulation and thermal bridging, CTLGroup recommended overcladding the poorly insulated precast section of the south wing of the building with brick masonry to properly install a layer of insulation across the face of the exterior wall. Our team also recommended insulating the uninsulated ducts at the top of the east and west walls of the Assembly Hall to reduce condensation from forming on the ductwork during periods of warmer humid weather.


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Chaffee Hall at Purdue University is home to the high-speed compressor research laboratory, also known as the Zucrow Labs.

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