Buffalo Public Schools Leakage Investigation

CTLGroup a conducted facade investigations based on the owner’s concern of deterioration and leakage on a historic public school. Through a series of nondestructive tests, we were able to identify the cause of the leakage as being the windows and mortar.

Porous cracked and deteriorated mortar joints at the window locations and failed window frame joints were the sources of the extensive water leakage. CTLGroup recommended repairs that included the removal and replacement of the windows and repointing of the mortar. Our identification of the source of the water leakage saved the school district time and money while preserving the historic brick of the school, which was scheduled for removal and replacement to maintain the integrity of the building’s structure.


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Eventhough New York City had a free public education system before 1838, they actually obtained additional funding through private donations and other sources; making the Buffalo Public School system the first City in New York to have a free education system supported by local taxes.


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