801 S Plymouth Court

CTLGroup was retained to evaluate previous repair work, which consisted of replacement of deteriorated individual paver units in 2008 and replacement of sand setting bed and deteriorated paver units in 2011. Concern by the client was with the continuing efflorescence stains on the precast concrete pavers that appeared to be attributable to poor drainage of the sand setting bed.

CTLGroup noted there was insufficient drainage within the subject area and conducted a feasibility study to assist the Association with planning and budgeting for replacement of the precast concrete paver system. CTLGroup removed the existing concrete pavers and bituminous sand setting bed, and performed water testing on the exposed waterproofing membrane system to locate potential low spots that would require supplemental floor drains. We also assisted in replacing existing drains, and installing new bi-level drains and elevated pedestal paver system. CTLGroup has also performed building facade and terrace waterproofing evaluations, prepared repair documents, and performed contract administration and construction observation services to troubleshoot water leakage throughout the complex.


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Located in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood, the 801 South Plymouth Court condominium complex is located close to Lake Michigan, Grant Park, downtown shopping, public transportation, and entertainment


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