222 Main Street Condo Roof Repairs

The 222 Main Street Condo Association provided CTLGroup with four local roofing contractor proposals, each described a different scope of work. In order to determine the best long-term value for the Association, CLTGroup conducted an investigation of the existing roof membrane. Our team found the membrane was not leaking, but observed significant granule loss. Four different repair/replacement options were provided in a report to the Association: 1. No annual maintenance; 2. Spot repairs; 3. Re-coating; 4. Re-roofing.

CTLGroup discussed each option and presented recommendations and an appropriate course of action with the Association. Option 4 was determined to be the best solution for the Association, and CTLGroup prepared plans and specifications to solicit comparable, competitive bids for the roof replacement and associated masonry repairs of the parapet walls and elevator penthouse.


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222 Main street is located in Evanston, Illinois and holds five floors of attached, single-family condominiums.


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