220 Central Park South

CTLGroup was retained by Vornado to assist with technical review of the specification requirements for concrete materials. CTLGroup also assisted with developing recommendations for specification revisions to improve constructability (enhancing durability, and resolving any specification conflicts).

CTLGroup attended pre-construction meetings on-site as necessary and reviewed concrete testing and inspection firms capabilities. CTLGroup also performed a review of the specification sections pertaining to concrete materials.


Buildings & Facilities

Consulting Services

Building Science

Concrete Mixture Development & Qualification

Durability & Service Life

Project Specification Review & Development

Materials Science + Engineering

Laboratory Services

Concrete + Cement-Based Materials

Durability & Service Life Testing

Specialized Testing

Standing 70 floors tall, the residential skyscraper of 220 Central Park South is the tenth-tallest building in New York City and only moderately shorter than the Four World Trade Center.


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