Litigation & Insurance

CTLGroup has investigated some aspect of nearly every major catastrophic collapse in recent years, including infrastructure failures resulting from terrorist attacks, extreme earthquake or storm events, and material, design, or construction deficiencies. CTLGroup has provided comprehensive forensic engineering services to a wide range of clients in the legal profession, insurance industry, property owners / managers, construction companies, design firms, and government agencies.

Our forensic services include condition and damage assessments, failure root-cause determinations, nondestructive testing and evaluations, litigation support, and laboratory testing of construction materials. Our firm has extensive experience investigating distress or failure in all types of buildings and structures, structural components, and materials, including industrial facilities, pipelines, tunnels, bridges, as well as foundations and retaining structures.

CTLGroup provides its clients with a single source of consulting and laboratory testing expertise, allowing us to make an accurate and efficient determination of cause and extent of damage that are used for the purposes of repair, replacement, claims adjustment, or litigation. Known and respected for the dependability of our results, CTLGroup has regularly provided expert witness and testimony for litigation cases.


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