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Cable, Strand and Wire Rope Testing

Many designers today choose stay cable systems for medium to long-span bridges due to their structural efficiency, durability and aesthetic appearance. Both the harp and the fan classes of cable-stayed bridges exhibit a simple, clean elegance that is appealing to the bridge designers and the governmental authorities funding the new bridge construction.
As part of the qualification process, a systematic testing program is generally instituted to ensure the healthy, safe and long service life of a bridge. The protocols within the guidelines encompass the cable system as a whole as well as its individual components, testing extensively to characterize strength and serviceability, with particular emphasis on the fatigue behavior and the performance of the corrosion protection system.

CTLGroup currently operates the world’s highest capacity and most extensive independent stay cable testing facility. Our experts have tested almost all available stay cable systems from various manufacturers for qualification and development programs. This has given CTLGroup an extensive and in-depth view into the advantages and disadvantages of each system in comparison with the others. CTLGroup’s work in the specialized field of full-scale stay cable acceptance testing has contributed to the evaluation of better cable design and fabrication practices.


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