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ASTM C856, Petrographic Examination of Stucco


Petrographic examination of stucco is performed to assess the overall composition, condition, and quality of stucco materials, and to evaluate causes of distress such as cracking, delamination, and debonding. The stucco may be traditional two- or three-coat field-mixed stucco or proprietary pre-mixed products. The detailed petrographic report generally includes the following:

  • General quality and condition of stucco
  • Number and thickness of layers
  • Quality of bond between layers and bond with substrate
  • Location and condition of lath
  • Effectiveness of curing
  • Description of paste characteristics such as hardness, carbonation depth, and degree of cement hydration
  • Description of aggregate and cementitious materials
  • Estimated air content
  • Description of cracking
  • Photodocumentation of the sample and photomicrographs of pertinent observations

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