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Specialized Testing

CTLGroup’s experience in laboratory testing extends far beyond standard testing. There are times when a project’s needs cannot be fulfilled by the available roster of typical standard tests. When that happens, you want someone on your team who knows what it takes to design, build and perform specialized tests that will provide you the crucial information that you need.

CTLGroup’s unique mixture of Material Engineers, Structural Engineers, Forensic Engineers, Architects, and Petrographers means that we can construct the appropriate team to handle your unique needs. Whether you are conducting new construction or have an existing building, we work with you to understand your intended outcomes and ensure that we deliver exactly what you need.
Here are a select few of the specialized tests that CTLGroup has conducted:

  • Direct shear strength of 6-inch diameter concrete cores under constant normal force (Related to ASTM D5607)
  • Explosive spalling testing for fire resistance qualification within tunnels
  • Direct tension testing of concrete cores (related to ASTM D2936 and COE CRD C 164).
  • Residual Expansion of ASR affected Concrete Restrained Shrinkage Cracking Potential of Concrete (ASTM C1581)

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