Victoria Jennings, P.E.

Victoria Jennings, P.E.

Senior Petrographer

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Ms. Jennings has a specialized focus in the evaluation of concrete structures and materials to determine the causes of deterioration and distress. At CTLGroup, she uses optical microscopy to examine concrete, mortar, stucco, and other building materials to assess their condition, quality, and composition. She also conducts petrographic examination of aggregates to assess their quality and suitability for use in concrete, and performs microscopical analysis of the air-void system in hardened concrete to evaluate resistance to damage in cyclic freezing and thawing environments. She believes petrographic examination is an invaluable tool in the investigation of material performance.

Prior to her work in the Petrography group, Ms. Jennings was an Associate Engineer in the Structural Evaluation group. There, she performed field inspections and testing on new construction and rehabilitation projects, and assisted on condition surveys of existing structures. Ms. Jennings gained first-hand exposure to many of the common deterioration mechanisms in concrete, and knowledge of various evaluation techniques, through this experience.


M.S. in Civil Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, 1997


Coursework in Geology

Northeastern Illinois University, 1999-2001


B.S. in Civil Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, 1996


Jennings, V., Willems, T. 2014. “Thaumasite Sulfate Attack of Precast Concrete Retaining Wall Units.” Presented at 2014 Spring ACI Convention, Session on Thaumasite Sulfate Attack: Sponsoring Committee ACI 201, Durability of Concrete.

Lee, S.Y. Jennings, V., Daugherty, A. 2013. “Petrographic Evaluation of Deleterious Materials in Aggregates Used for Airfield Pavements in Accordance with UFGS Specification.” Proceedings of the Thirty-Fifth Conference on Cement Microscopy, 250-266.

Gebler, S. and V. Jennings. 2005. “Distress and Deterioration of the Failed Gillespie Dam: A Case Study.” Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Construction Materials: Performance, Innovations and Structural Implications and Mindess Symposium, 10, Vancouver, Canada, August.

Farahmandpour, K., V.A. Jennings, T.J. Willems, and A.G. Davis. 2002. “Evaluation Techniques for Concrete Building Envelope Components.” Interface, Vol. XX, No. 3, 3-15. March.

Jennings, V.A., A.M. Werner, C.W. Park, and D.A. Lange. 2000. “The Role of Water Transport Between Brick and Mortar.” The Masonry Society Journal, Vol. 18, No. 2., December.

  • American Concrete Institute
  • ASTM International

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