Terry Willems

Terry Willems

Senior Principal Materials Scientist

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At CTLGroup, Mr. Willems’ responsibilities include consulting and testing associated with construction materials evaluation, troubleshooting material performance problems, durability evaluations, and forensic investigations and litigation support. He has experience in the evaluation of concrete, mortar, grout, resilient floor covering materials, ceramic tile, epoxy terrazzo, and floor underlayments, among other materials. Mr. Willems has also evaluated over a million square feet of tile systems and their failures, including on-grade, above-grade, swimming pools, showers, and exterior tile systems such as plazas and balconies.

Mr. Willems capabilities also includes petrographic examination of concrete and other construction materials to ascertain causes of deterioration, identify materials, and assess quality for repair and rehabilitation projects. He has supervised and performed numerous field and laboratory forensic investigations of materials performance issues, and his contract reports include definitive findings regarding causes of damage and deterioration, materials testing, analysis and development of repair procedures, specifications and drawings. As an experience expert witness, Mr. Willems has testified in over 40 cases. His career was inspired by his passion for solving problems, and working at CTLGroup has offered a wide variety of challenges from working on new construction, to facilities involved with the space shuttle program, to historic structures built in the 1800s.


B.S. in Water Resource Management and Soils

University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, 1977


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  • American Concrete Institute
  • Cast Stone Institute
  • National Tile Contractors Association
  • The Society for Protective Coatings
  • ACI Wason Medal for Materials Research, 2001

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