Presentation on Fundamentals of Concrete

Event On April 17, 2019

Principal Engineer, Michael Caldarone, P.E., F.ACI*, of CTLGroup’s Concrete and Cement-Based Materials group will be at CTLGroup Qatar in Doha, Qatar Wednesday, April 17th and Thursday, April 18 to give a two-day lecture titled, “Fundamentals of Concrete,” accredited by the American Society for Testing + Materials (ASTM).

This fast-paced program is developed for concrete industry personnel who are seeking a fundamental yet practical lesson on concrete knowledge. Those interested in a general introduction for concrete and concrete materials as well as government officials, engineers, supervisors, design professionals, consultants, contractors, and specialize contractors whose work involves concrete will strongly benefit from this two day course.

This course will combine classroom instruction, lab demonstrations, and hands-on training to better help employees meet their customer’s needs and will discuss topics such as an introduction to concrete materials, properties of concrete, placement + sampling procedures, and concrete fresh property testing. Attendees will benefit from this course by learning how to prepare and test concrete mixtures, observing first-hand how chemical admixtures and supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) are used to enhance concrete proportions, and discovering how construction practices and weather impact concrete strength and durability.

Upon Completion of this course and passing the exam, attendees will receive a certificate accredited by American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM).


About the Lecturer

Mike Caldarone, P.E., F.ACI*, is a Principal Engineer in CTLGroup’s Concrete + Cement-Based Materials Group. His services include providing professional consultation related to specifications, concrete and other cement-based mixture development, material-related forensic investigations, a long history of litigation support and expert witness testimony, and mentoring. His career experience includes the manufacturing of Portland cement precast, pre-stressed, and ready-mixed concrete. He has strong experience in chemical admixture technologies, and the manufacturing, distribution, and use of all mainstream mineral admixtures for concrete.

His other areas of expertise include a very strong emphasis in high-strength and high performance concrete, mass concrete, underwater-placed concrete, durability engineering of both new and existing concrete structures, and development of concretes to meet specific performance criteria. He has been a member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) for 35 years, a Fellow of the Institute, a past Chairman of ACI Committee 363 on High-Strength Concrete, and an active member of several other ACI committees.

Mr. Caldarone will serve as the presenter during this course session. For each section, Mr. Caldarone will provide an overview of the ASTM Standards, highlight potential pitfalls, discuss how they compare to current QCS Standards, show ASTM training videos, and engage the audience in reciprocal conversation. Mr. Caldarone will proctor the examination pursuant to QCS requirements that are to be received in a sealed envelope from ASTM, administered under the supervision of ASHGHAL Personal, placed back in a sealed envelope upon completion, and sent back to be graded by ASTM.

*Licensed P.E. in Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.


About CTLGroup + CTLGroup-Qatar

CTLGroup is an internationally recognized expert consulting engineering and materials science firm. Our engineering expertise is complemented by one of the largest and most comprehensive private material and structural testing laboratories in the world. Our experts can address problems from the materials and structural perspectives to deliver an integrated solution.

CTLGroup-Qatar was established in 2015 and staffed to provide clients with routine and complex testing and analysis of construction materials and structural components. Our lab is ISO 17025:2008 and ISO 9001:2008 certified and supported by a robust internal Quality Management System. CTLGroup-Qatar currently provides a wide range of testing services for concrete, cementitious materials, aggregates, building systems, soils, asphalt, load testing, nondestructive evaluation, and more.

As a certified third party laboratory, CTLGroup-Qatar has been involved in various accreditation and affiliation programs with local and international institutes. We continuously strive to meet the latest standards and share the latest advancements in the inspection, testing and assessment of civil projects.