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    As an industry-leader in the structural engineering space, providing expert architectural consulting and investigations is one of our core services at CTLGroup. Our architectural consultants in New York, New York, support both new construction designs and evaluation of existing structures, considering safety, restoration, and prolonging structure lifespan. 

    When you need the expertise of an architect with the experience of a structural engineering consulting firm behind them, let CTLGroup provide the consulting services. We’re here to ensure the integrity of your structure, whether it’s a restoration project, building envelope evaluation, or a roofdeck design. Contact our New York office at 212-835-1518 to get started on your architectural project today. 

    Work with Expert New York Architectural Consultants

    Our reputed architects offer schematic design, concept design development, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration consulting services for buildings in the New York City area. We understand the unique challenges faced by architects in New York City, including meeting the latest code requirements and local laws, like 92, 94, and 97. To assist local building owners, our architects work closely with a keen attention to detail to ensure compliance with these local laws for new building projects and restoration projects throughout New York. 

    Our professional architecture services include:

    Architects at CTLGroup also provide a wide variety of additional services including feasibility studies, architectural programming, and project management. Our experienced team is focused on an integrated design process, with an unrivaled attention to detail. We strive to be your ideal architectural partner. We not only provide design solutions for the immediate challenges you may face; we also lay the foundation for the long-term goals of the facilities we serve.

    Building Envelope & Facade Specialists in New York, NY

    Our specialized and experienced architectural design team at CTLGroup in New York City deliver successful building envelope and facade solutions for both new buildings and restoration projects. We provide technical assistance to ensure the appropriate cement and concrete materials are combined with high-quality workmanship, reducing the lifecycle maintenance costs for facility management. 

    With recent laws and regulations in the New York City area, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable, experienced architect to ensure that your building facade and envelope meet these new requirements. Each part of the building works together to provide structural integrity and support, and our architects are well-versed in the latest regulations within the city of New York. Let us ensure your next project is compliant with all recent regulations and requirements by contacting us online or giving us a call at 847-965-7500.

    Contact Our Experienced New York City Architects Restoration Building Team in New York, NY

    Our architectural professionals at CTLGroup in New York City specialize in building envelope or facade restoration, preservation, and conservation of historic buildings and monuments, all in compliance with local building codes, regulations, and requirements. 

    Let our experienced consultants and architects provide the services you need for your local New York City buildings, whether it’s a new construction or a restoration project. Give us a call at 847-965-7500 or contact us online and get started today!

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