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Structural Collapse Investigation

The collapse of a structure is often the furthest thing from the mind of an owner, engineer, or constructor. Yet, structural collapses do occur, and often with tragic consequences. When disaster strikes, it is critical to engage a forensic engineer experienced with collapse investigation. Why? Because understanding how and why a structure can fail catastrophically requires a specialist; it is not the same process as design. The investigative process involves methodically examining and analyzing the available evidence to determine the root cause and identify lessons to avoid similar events in the future.

CTLGroup’s forensic engineers have been involved in the investigation of some of the most disastrous collapses of in-service and under-construction structures. We understand the importance of scene documentation and evidence preservation. We follow the Scientific Method of investigation, developing and testing hypotheses based on observation, experimentation, and analysis. Ultimately, we find answers and help our clients bring closure to unfortunate ordeals.

CTLGroup forensic engineers are experienced evaluating:

  • Design, material, and construction defects
  • Applied loads from extreme weather, blast, or other unusual events
  • Damage mechanisms including fatigue and corrosion
  • Soil-structure and fluid-structure interaction
  • Concrete, steel, timber, and composite materials
  • Buildings, bridges, towers, stacks, tanks, vessels, temporary works, and special structures

Services include:

  • Emergency response for scene documentation and evidence preservation
  • Laboratory analysis of materials and structural components
  • Computational modeling and simulation, including non-linear geometric and material behavior
  • Data analysis, including statistical and probabilistic modeling
  • Litigation support and expert testimony

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