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3D Printing with Concrete

Additive manufacturing with cement-based materials is one of the latest game-changers in the construction world that has a potential to become the most disruptive technologies we have seen in decades. We have been involved in this area since its early days in North America. CTLGroup team successfully participated in the NASA’s 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge[VJ1] , and CTLGroup experts are actively involved in professional societies and associations that are shaping the future of 3D printing with cement-based materials.

CTLGroup unique combination of scientist, engineers and state-of-the-art laboratories is available to assist you with any aspects of your 3D printing project:

  • Our cement chemists and scientists can help you formulate the right constituent materials, including chemical admixtures and novel cementitious materials, that will be suitable for additive manufacturing;
  • Our concrete experts can employ their extensive knowledge of cement-based systems to help you develop printable mixtures and guide you through their performance evaluation using our large laboratory capabilities;
  • Our team of IP experts can assist you with legal protection of your emerging technology.

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