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Rheology, Pumpability, and Constructability

Since the advent of modern chemical admixtures, concrete fresh properties are no more governed by their water and cement content. While project specifications very often prioritize concrete performance in hardened state over fresh properties, behavior of concrete mixtures before setting (i.e. during mixing, transport, placement and consolidation) is critical to a success of a construction project. Many things can go wrong when concrete is still fresh: pumping and other placement issues, segregation, excessive air or workability loss, poor dispersion of concrete constituents such as fibers of silica fume, high formwork pressures, plastic shrinkage cracking and many others.

CTLGroup experts have seen it all and can help you avoid or troubleshoot these issues. We know how to optimize concrete mixtures to achieve the desired workability and fresh properties without compromising long-term durability performance or mechanical properties. We do not stop at the slump test – our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped with the most recent technology and tools to directly measure concrete rheology, assess formwork pressures and other tools that will ultimately help you achieve just the right performance of the concrete mixture for your project.

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