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2019 Construction Law Regionals: Sticks & Bricks – Chicago, IL

On Friday, September 20, 2019, CTLGroup’s Principal Structural Engineer, John Roller, P.E., S.E., will be presenting at the American Bar Association 2019 Construction Law Regionals: Sticks & Bricks in Chicago, Illinois. His in-person presentation is on his contribution to, “MORE Sticks and Bricks: A Lawyer’s Guide to Advanced Construction Systems and Techniques.”

Mr. Roller is the author of Chapter Two: Basic Engineering Concepts Important to Building Structures, where it explains building classifications, building codes, building materials, structural members and components, building loads and load combinations, self-straining loads, strength and serviceability, design methodologies, performance expectations and shortfalls. This chapter also contains a glossary explaining the terms he used throughout the chapter.

As a leading industry professional, Mr. Roller has more than 35 years of experience with performing field and laboratory investigations focusing on evaluating performance of building materials, civil structures, and structural or building components. Mr. Roller’s practice focuses on structural and material failure investigation, condition assessment and evaluation of deteriorated, distressed or damaged structures or components, civil infrastructure asset management, and development and implementation of quality assurance programs.

The Sticks and Bricks and More Sticks and Bricks publication is a comprehensive guide to construction technology. The aim of these publications is to provide attorneys who deal with construction litigation and contracts the basics of constructing a building. Both publications go into detailed explanations of construction terminology, building materials and systems, as well as construction means and methods.

This program will present a unique opportunity for contractors, owners, new and seasoned construction lawyers, and other construction industry participants to learn about the key elements of all aspects of construction systems and technology that arise in construction projects. During the session, attendees will cover topics from building enclosures to mechanical systems as well as site work and foundations to structural steel.

At the end of this session, these attendees will be able to identify and anticipate legal risks, ask better questions, comprehend complex technical concepts, counsel their clients more competently, and deliver greater value when engaged on construction projects.

With registration, attendees will receive the Forum book, Sticks & Bricks: A Practical Guide to Construction Systems and Technology, lunch, and a full day of CLE instruction.

For more information on this program and to register, please visit:

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