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Managing Our Most Precious Resource

Water is truly our most precious resource. Water is not only necessary to sustain life, but is also an essential element of the various processes used to create virtually everything made by man.

In 2011, the American Society of Civil Engineers released a report revealing an annual capital gap for the water infrastructure sector in excess of $50 billion, with the expectation that this figure would increase by approximately 50% by the year 2020 if levels of funding remain unchanged. Despite concerns related to aging infrastructure and increased demand, significant increases in funding at state and federal levels seem unlikely.

Replacement or rehabilitation of existing infrastructure often requires considerable monetary resources. Therefore, many incentives exist to maximize the service life of our existing and future infrastructure components. In the past, many owners in the water & wastewater sector have made important decisions related to the disposition of an asset based on consideration of age or overall appearance (if readily visible). However, shortages in monetary resources have served to provide a strong incentive for taking a different approach to asset management. Implementing strategies for prolonging service life and building more sustainable infrastructure have now become a priority.

CTLGroup has been helping managers, contractors, government agencies and others in the water & wastewater sector for several decades by providing condition assessment, failure causation investigation, structural evaluation, materials consulting, repair/rehabilitation consulting, and pre-construction and/or construction services. These types of projects often create unique challenges related access limitations, safety and timing. Drawing upon experience gained from successful execution of hundreds of projects, CTLGroup is well versed in handling such challenges.

Water & Wastewater


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