Lab Services

Lab Services

Material-Testing Laboratory Services

CTLGroup offers material-testing lab services including physical and chemical testing, concrete petrography and specialized microscopy of most building materials and products. And we conduct large-scale testing of engineered systems and components.

Our material-testing laboratory clients range from manufacturers of bridge cables and rail components to makers of sealants, coatings and exterior wall cladding. In addition to our small-scale labs, CTLGroup has one of the largest private structural-testing lab floors in the U.S. We routinely develop proprietary or specialized testing procedures under conditions of confidentiality. Our structural lab tests dynamic and static loads up to 10 million pounds – we literally formulate analyses by the tons. Anybody can deliver test results. CTLGroup provides the analyses and collaboration you need when making big performance decisions. All that, and we still test cement and concrete, and develop special mixes better than most anyone.

Lab Services


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