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This will not hurt a bit.

We at CTLGroup take justifiable pride in our ability to tackle the most difficult nondestructive evaluation (NDE) projects. Our NDE team assists owners, designers and contractors throughout the U.S. to help with their problems.

NDE is a relatively inexpensive way to determine the extent of damage or defective construction. Its use in civil engineering is analogous to the use of indirect sounding methods in medical examinations. Recent advances in testing techniques, equipment and on-site computer software have brought reliability, and industry-wide acceptance, to this discipline.

Non-destructive testing services (NDT) can provide detailed information not obtainable from visual inspection or invasive sampling alone. This information is particularly beneficial in evaluating large concrete structures such as dams, bridges and tall structures. The NDT data collected can be stored as a baseline for future studies, a useful resource in developing and carrying out maintenance programs.

CTLGroup is a leader in designing and refining sophisticated NDE methods such as Impulse Response, Impact-Echo and Impulse Radar. Our engineers have tested and proved these developments on sites throughout the world, and thus have stayed in the vanguard of the nondestructive evaluation industry.

The success of any NDT survey depends on tailoring the approach to the problem at hand. A judicious mix of visual inspection, NDE and minimal intrusive material sampling typically costs less than a more traditional investigative approach and results in a clearer definition of the problem. At CTLGroup, we provide the tools, nondestructive lab services, and trained professionals to meet both these goals.

Nondestructive Testing


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