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Materials Consulting

CTLGroup provides specialist advice on construction material engineering and architecture.

Our materials engineers, consultants and scientists advise clients at all stages of a project, from concept design to reuse or demolition. We support construction material engineering projects around the world giving designers workable options for materials and building systems.  Clients come back to CTLGroup materials specialists because of the value we bring in managing risks and costs for projects and helping owners identify, understand and solve problems with existing assets.

A Matter of Scale

The design and use of materials in the built world requires dealing in both large dimensions and with what is happening at a very small scale (perhaps even interactions at a molecular level).  CTLGroup brings both perspectives to construction material engineering problems through our multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists and technicians who routinely straddle this dimensional divide.  The benefit to our clients is an enhanced and comprehensive approach to what may be seemingly impossible problems.


The carbon footprint and resource consumption of structures can be reduced through the selection of more sustainable materials and processes.  This thoughtful selection can facilitate easier recycling of materials in the future.  CTLGroup has been a leader in green design and construction for two decades.  Our experts help write code-intended standards and are called upon to help clients make sustainable decisions. 

Materials Consulting

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