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Failure Analysis Consulting and Disaster Response

Helping to answer the question of 'why'

Structures fail. Disasters occur. For decades, CTLGroup failure analysis consulting has helped clients assess damage, determine root cause, implement stabilization actions and develop design repair solutions when appropriate. We have been called for almost every major disaster or catastrophic event for over 40 years: The Oklahoma City Bombing; the Twin Towers collapse and the strike on the Pentagon of September 11; the impact of Hurricane Katrina; the collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis. Our teams are often on-site the day of an event. And our failure analysis engineering experts have helped make restored structures safer and better and have contributed to the improvement of building standards and codes across the country.

Our experts help clients in the wake of disaster through the following:

  • Condition and damage surveys and assessments
  • Forensic and diagnostic investigations
  • Failure analysis lab
  • Failure investigations and root-cause determinations
  • Failure simulation modeling
  • Stabilization designs
  • Load testing
  • Repair and rehabilitation design
  • Legal and litigation support

Failure Investigation

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