Our People


Michael Caldarone

Principal Engineer, Concrete & Cement-Based Materials

Michael Caldarone has 35 years of experience in engineering of concrete and other cementitious-based materials. His career experience includes portland cement manufacturing, ready-mixed & precast/prestressed concrete, chemical admixture technologies, and the use of all mainstream supplementary cementitious materials for portland cement concrete and other cementitious-based materials.
As a Principal Engineer, Michael provides support related to the development, use and evaluation of concrete mix designs, production facilities inspections, project site inspections, pre-construction planning, forensic investigations, and professional mentorship, training and development. His areas of expertise include a strong emphasis in high-strength/high performance concrete used in highly engineered structures, field investigating an array of concrete-related issues, development of prescriptive, performance, and hybrid-based project specifications, underwater concreting, mass concrete, and the durability engineering of both new designs and existing structures using multiple methodologies, and the procurement, use and quality control of supplementary cementitious materials.
He has a long history as an expert witness in construction litigation and has been involved with some of the world’s most monumental modern concrete structures. He has been a member of the American Concrete Institute for 34 years, an Institute Fellow, a past Chair of ACI Committee 363 on High-Strength Concrete, and a Voting Member of other ACI Committees. He has been a long contributor to ASTM International and the National Ready-Mixed Concrete Association. He has published technical papers and guide specifications and has presented at symposiums, conferences and seminars, including World of Concrete.
He was a co-recipient of ACI’s Wason Medal for Materials Research in 2001 and holds a U.S. Patent. His book “High-Strength Concrete: A Practical Guide” was published in 2009, and its recommendations have been practiced worldwide.